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SaaS Backwards Episode 64: Can AI solve the attribution conundrum for marketers? With Molly St. Louis, Head of Marketing at DealTale

Welcome to episode sixty-four of the SaaS Backwards podcast, where we interview CEOs and CMOs of fast-growing SaaS firms to reveal what they are doing that's working, and lessons learned from things that didn't work as planned. 

You can listen to the full episode directly below via Spotify, or visit SaaS Backwards on Buzzsprout or wherever you listen to podcasts.



If we’re being honest, there's a big difference between the imagined buyer's journey that marketers invent and what’s happening in reality.

But then, we’ve always made those assumptions because it’s nearly impossible to track.

Or is it?

That’s what Molly St. Louis, Head of Marketing at DealTale talks about in this episode - applying AI to track the previously un-trackable journey. 

DealTale is a SaaS that leverages causal machine learning methods to track buyers while they’re still anonymous (by IP address) and then backfill their information later when they fill out a form—even when it’s months (or years) later so they can see what is transpiring and then replicate it in future campaigns.

With their innovative ChatGPT-like interface, campaign analytics become accessible to all marketers, not just those in large companies with data analysts.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • The importance of understanding causality for mapping customer journeys. 
  • How AI can go deep on attribution, customer journey mapping and causality. 
  • Remember that marketing is fun, and not to worry about always “getting it right.”

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