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SaaS Backwards Episode 108 - Can better relationships save publishers? With Dan Rua, CEO of Admiral

The rise of ad blockers and privacy creates new challenges for publishers. Admiral’s VRM platform aims to preserve more revenue by creating better relationships. 


We’ve all been frustrated by those pesky ads that pop up when trying to read an article.

We understand that publishers are trying to capture more of that lost ad revenue, but the solution is not to create such a poor experience that it drives consumers away.

And the rise of ad blockers is not the only problem for publishers.

The decline of traditional tracking methods due to privacy regulations and browser changes, such as the death of the cookie, threatens the business model even more.

Dan Rua, CEO of Admiral, believes that both publishers and visitors need to care more about each other. 

Through their Visitor Relationship Management platform (VRM), publishers can offer visitors different value exchanges based on their preferences, such as ad-free experiences, email relationships, or subscriptions. 

The results for publishers are a no-brainer, receiving an almost immediate return on investment for many. 

Other key takeaways from this episode:

  • Focus on solving specific problems first – Admiral started with ad block recovery as their beachhead and became the best in the world.
  • How they went from founder-led sales to a scalable machine once they’d achieved product-market fit.
  • The benefits of having a strong product team as founders and how they understood everything that’s needed to contribute to revenue early on. 

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