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SaaS Backwards Episode 115 - Data, Churn, and Increasing Productivity - with Jason Radisson, CEO & founder of Movo

In this episode, we delved into the transformative power of algorithms in business with Jason Radisson, CEO & founder of Movo, a platform that provides real-time scheduling flexibility and improved workforce management for large companies with frontline workers.

Jason recounted his time at Harrah's Entertainment, where they used data to optimize customer interactions and significantly increase profitability over others on the strip. He explains how his background in algorithmic management has influenced his approach to business models. 

Jason also shares his thoughts on combatting SaaS churn by identifying the root causes and understanding customer behavior to accurately predict and deal with it proactively. 

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • The importance of modeling and forecasting to drive profitability, especially in the context of reducing churn
  • Building models to predict customer behavior to leverage marketing spend
  • The challenges and opportunities of the gig economy

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