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SaaS Backwards Episode 98 - How to operationalize strategic initiatives digitally - with Ulf Arnetz, CEO of Howwe

Strategic initiatives often get de-railed when CEOs delegate them instead of taking ownership. This lack of clarity can lead to confusion and lack of focus throughout the organization.


That’s the problem Ulf Arnetz is solving through his Swedish-based company Howwe, a SaaS enterprise platform for CEOs to orchestrate and operationalize strategy implementation at every level of their organization.

The platform allows CEOs to prioritize goals, track progress and align teams towards achieving revenue and profit targets.

And like most, his entrepreneurial journey wasn’t a straight line.

Check out the full episode where Ulf teaches us the importance of solving specific problems, focusing on measurable results, starting from the bottom, embracing micro-delegation and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why success strategies rely on top-down micro-delegation where each level of the organization take ownership of their specific goals and initiatives
  • How the company transitioned from consulting to a SaaS with 96% of their revenue coming from licensed subscriptions.
  • A look into Sweden’s entrepreneurial ecosystem - a great place to start and grow software companies.

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