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SaaS Backwards Episode 110 - The Dangerous 8 mistakes SaaS companies make in their messaging

Given the high number of SaaS websites we review, chances are that you are making one or more of these mistakes and leaving revenue on the table.


Are you making one or more of these mistakes in your messaging? 

Given the number of websites that we review regularly, chances are that you are—and that means leaving revenue on the table.

In this episode, Ken and Jason from Austin Lawrence Group discuss the eight common mistakes that SaaS companies make with real life examples.

So if you’re revisiting messaging and content strategy this year, or you’re frustrated with the quality of leads coming through your website, this episode is for you.

A few key takeaways:

  • How to avoid making vague statements that cause cognitive dissonance with some prospective buyers.
  • Why you shouldn’t lead with AI 
  • Why it’s crucial to gain problem agreement by clearly identifying and addressing the problem they’re trying to solve.

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And, if you want an outside look at your content with actionable advice, take advantage of our Content Audit. Valued at $20K in free consulting.

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