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SaaS Backwards Episode 103 - First getting agreement on a problem worth solving – with Chuck Fuerst, CMO of ReverseLogix

You’ve probably never thought about what goes on behind the scenes when you return a product, but there’s a lot to it.


In this episode of the SaaS Backwards podcast, Chuck Fuerst, CMO at ReverseLogix, gives a look behind the scenes at some of the challenges and opportunities in the returns management system category.

And because it’s so complicated, their go-to-market strategy requires problem agreement to be considered. And because companies enter at different stages of problem awareness, the company has adopted a modular approach to pricing and packaging that allows them to take advantage of a land-and-expand strategy.

Overall, Fuerst emphasizes their need to stay close to customers, understand their pain points, and deliver value through a comprehensive solution that addresses their needs one step at a time.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • How active listening shapes their messaging and positioning
  • Building credibility and validation through analyst relations
  • How ReverseLogix takes a modular approach to pricing to fit their land and expand strategy

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