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SaaS Backwards Episode 104 - Strategies for Maximizing Value in SaaS Exits– with Marty Magida, Managing Director of Berkery Noyes & Co.

Because of the challenges in the current financing environment and the cautious approach of strategic buyers and private equity firms for SaaS companies, we invited Marty Magida on to discuss practical strategies to enhance company value and navigate the complexities of the M&A market.


Magida is the managing director of Berkery Noyes & Co an independent investment bank providing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory to middle-market leaders in the global information, software, services, and technology industries.

Marty advises listeners to stay informed about industry trends, cultivate relationships with potential buyers, and pay attention to the metrics that drive acquisitions.

It’s a must listen for all SaaS leaders that plan to raise funding, exit the business or participate in a merger or acquisition.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • Manage risk profile by reducing concentration and striving to be asset light.
  • Improve consistency of results by focusing on recurring revenue and making it costly for customers to switch.
  • Maximize value by building a strong management team, ensuring reliable financial reporting, and cultivating relationships with potential buyers.

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