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SaaS Backwards Episode 128 - From PLG to Enterprise: Strategic Shifts in SaaS Marketing - with Karen Budell, CMO at Totango + Catalyst

Transitioning from a Product-Led Growth (PLG) motion to an enterprise sales motion requires strategic alignment and effective change management within a SaaS Marketing team.

In this week’s episode, we discussed the challenges and considerations in this transition with Karen Budell, the CMO of Totango + Catalyst, two SaaS software companies collaborating to drive sustainable revenue through customer relationships. 

Budell highlights the significance of grasping the nuances of the buyer's journey and understanding the shift in market dynamics when transitioning from a PLG approach to targeting enterprise customers.

She also focuses on the importance of change management during this transition and tackling challenges head-on to ensure a successful integration and go-to-market strategy. She likened it to moving in with a partner and combining belongings, emphasizing the necessity of open and honest conversations within the team.

This episode also touches on the importance of thought leadership and the role of written content, industry events, and proprietary events in marketing. Executives involved in mergers and acquisitions within the SaaS industry and marketing professionals interested in transitioning marketing strategies from PLG to enterprise sales will find value in Karen’s insights.

Key takeaways from this episode:
  • Why early learnings, customer feedback, and market insights are essential for crafting a successful merger strategy
  • The crucial role thought leadership plays in influencing the buying committee
  • The need for alignment, transparency, and clear communication in agency relationships

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