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SaaS Backwards Episode 60: Selling SaaS to Laggards: How is changing the real estate transaction with Jason Doshi, CEO and Co-Founder of

Welcome to episode sixty of the SaaS Backwards podcast, where we interview CEOs and CMOs of fast-growing SaaS firms to reveal what they are doing that's working, and lessons learned from things that didn't work as planned. 

You can listen to the full episode directly below via Spotify, or visit SaaS Backwards on Buzzsprout or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Having spent a decade growing a retail mortgage origination business, Jason Doshi noticed that the movement of funds surrounding the real estate transaction was still very antiquated.

A few years later, he built, a SaaS digital platform that allows title companies and real estate brokerages to send and receive digital money transfers, saving everyone money and time while reducing the risk of fraud.

Doshi recently raised $3 Million and he talks in this episode about their challenges and opportunities such as:

  • White labeling as a strategic initiative
  • Providing a competitive advantage to customers in a challenged market
  • Soliciting the customer’s input in establishing your business model

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