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SaaS Backwards Episode 94 - Solving the Attribution Challenge--Christopher P. Willis shares his Global Active Awareness Scoring Methodology

At first glance, tracking engagement data may sound like another vanity metric—until it shows an uptick in meaningful sales conversations.


Sales and marketing alignment was never a problem for Acrolinx, as evidenced by Christopher P. Willis’ title: Chief Marketing & Pipeline Officer.

Acrolinx is an AI-powered content marketing engine that integrates with content tools to provide real-time advice on brand, tone, clarity, compliance, and consistency.

In this episode, Chris talks about the value of tracking engagement data and its usefulness for sales and introduces his Global Active Awareness Score (GAAS), a comprehensive methodology to measure awareness and attribution by tracking every touchpoint and interaction with the audience.

It assigns points to each touchpoint based on its importance and impact, such as website visits, media coverage, social media engagement, and more. The goal is to track the movement of the GAAS number from month to month, identifying areas where awareness is growing or declining.

By analyzing the GAAS, the marketing team can make informed decisions about their strategies and initiatives, holding team members accountable for their contributions to the overall awareness score.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create alignment that ensures the creation, progression and future fueling of the pipeline.
  • Why business development reps fall under marketing at Acrolinx and help track engagement over setting meetings.
  • Insights into Chris’s messaging development process as they launch the next generation of their product.

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