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SaaS Backwards Episode 93 - Can you find gold in the data you're already collecting? - with Dan Miles, COO of TVEyes

Even in a very healthy business, you must keep looking for innovation.

That’s the gist of this episode’s message with Dan Miles, Chief Operating Officer of TVEyes.


TVEyes is a search engine for impactful video and audio measured by audience and level of information and newsworthiness. Historically, that was primarily broadcast TV and radio, but over the last few years as audiences migrated to online platforms like podcasts and streaming video, TVEyes has innovated its software platform to capture all the data.

And AI is certainly playing a big role in that today.

But even though their business is focused on data mining, Miles and host Ken Lempit talk about how companies should pay more attention to the data that they’re collecting.

It might be worth something.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of alignment around pricing and packaging, especially as it extends through the sales process.
  • How to scale marketing and sales efforts strategically.
  • Why you should constantly reevaluate pricing strategies to stay competitive.

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