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SaaS Backwards Episode 92 - Personalization at scale—can we finally get rid of the templates? With David Howard, VP Marketing at BuzzBoard

Welcome to episode ninety-two of the SaaS Backwards podcast, where we interview CEOs and CMOs of fast-growing SaaS firms to reveal what they are doing that's working, and lessons learned from things that didn't work as planned. 

You can listen to the full episode directly below via Spotify, or visit SaaS Backwards on Buzzsprout or wherever you listen to podcasts.


We all know that personalization, context, and relevance are necessary to get a cold email opened.

But that takes a lot of time and energy to customize each communication. And when only 3% of your target audience is in-market at any given time, it becomes extremely inefficient resulting in burn out and missed quotas.

And that’s where Buzzboard comes in.

The company has developed a platform that utilizes AI and proprietary data to create personalized content and conversation starters for sales organizations. This platform leverages a data set of 30 million businesses and 6,000 signals, allowing sales organizations to generate hyper-personalized content such as emails, cold call scripts, and social media messages.

In this episode, David Howard, Buzzboard’s VP of Marketing discusses how AI is helping sales reps minimize much of the research and strategizing work by analyzing prospects and generating a response.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • How aligning marketing and product teams has yielded an increase in engagement from customers and prospects.
  • How shifting to shorter, product-centric content has helped potential customers visualize the benefits of driving more free-trial signups.
  • Why Hyper-personalization is the future of sales and how AI is helping do it at scale. 

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